Travel Modes

In a sense, I lead dual lives. In my possession, I have two laptops:

  1. For work : a top-of-the-line 15″ Apple MacBook Pro
  2. For home use : a 13″ version of the above

I rely on differing sizes as a visual cue, to ensure that I don’t accidentally take the wrong one when commuting or traveling. This is further reinforced by two messenger bags that differ in both size & appearance.

  1. Work :  Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger (Medium)
  2. Home : Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0 (Black, Small)

It’s cost-prohibitive to mirror the contents — peripherals, travel gear, writing equipment — across both bags. So a different problem emerges: how do I keep remember everything else? I’ve settled on multiple discrete containers, or “bags of holding“, to carry my personal effects.

My rationale is that as long as I keep everything in its proper place, then I only need to move these items from bag to another. I considered fewer containers, but each bag serves a different purpose:

  • Organizer pouch #1 : In this bag I carry accessories for my iOS devices & my Apple Watch. If it has a Lightning connector, you’ll find it in here.
  • Organizer pouch #2 : Intended for travel, this bag contains writing tools, my passport, Global Entry card, and Priority Pass. It has room for my wallet & phone.
  • Snake Charmer : This is where I carry Mac accessories, including power cord, adapters, external battery, and hard disk drive.

For clarity:

Organizer pouches, alongside an iPad Pro & Bose QuietComfort 35


Snake Charmer, replete with Mac accessories
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