2019 Cycling Events

Elsewhere I’ve referred to my affinity for cycling. Given that it’s winter here in the Pacific Northwest, I tend to spend most of my time training indoors.

Riding a trainer is a bit monotonous; I find it can be helpful to identify a few key events to remain focused.

Registered Events

I’m training for two two-day rides this summer that both originate in Seattle. The first, STP, travels 200 miles home to Portland. The second, RSVP, heads north ~185 miles to Vancouver, BC.

Charitable Events

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve registered for two rides benefiting charitable causes. In May, I’m riding Reach the Beach, which benefits the American Lung Association. In August, I’ll be participating in Bike MS: Willamette Valley, organized by The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Tentative Events

I’ve identified a few other events of interest; participation will be subject to factors like lottery selection, or resource availability (i.e., time & money). Some of those events include the following:

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